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This type of material is very easy to work with because it’s so forgiving. If you make a mistake, you can just add more material and try again. Much easier than wood.


What is the material you are using or how do you make it… I have some expirence using resins from Reynolds Advanced Metairels

It’s mostly made out of carbon fiber sheet molding compound which I turned into a paste of sorts to make it like a lightweight but strong modeling clay. I then molded it around a bedding block which was cast from an imprint of the original stock’s inletting to make sure it fit. I made the basic shape with my hands. The resin was a heat cure epoxy so that stage was finished in the oven. 

I then carved the rest  using a $10 set of metal files from Home Depot. You can see that the rounded trigger-guard is the same shape as the round file from the HomeDepot set. 

It’s pillar bedded using $7 aluminum pillars off eBay. I believe the pillars were sold for use on a Remington 700. I cut the pillars to size using a cheap $40 angle grinder (but I could have used a dremel cutting wheel if I had more patience).

The grip is a standard AR A2 grip I had lying around. The recoil pad is cast in urethane rubber with a drop of black resin dye added. The mold was made from the recoil pad on my Cricket so I filed off the Kalibrgun logo. 

The outer layer is hard-coated with a high shore hardness urethane plastic to make it somewhat scratch resistance. 

It’s not the best way of making a stock or the easiest but I needed / wanted to make it in one day so I could use my Mutant while waiting for my replacement stock to arrive. This method is definitely the quickest way I know of to make a custom stock from scratch. I kinda like it though. The rounded forend is a noticeable improvement over the original. It’s lighter with better balance too.

If I had more time, I would have used a different grip. I’ve never been a fan of those cheap A2 grips (which is why it was lying around unused). I’m making another 2. The first will use a hogue grip with finger grooves and the other will use a custom grip made from a cast of my  hand.