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“Jonnes”Don’t even bother with those magnum springers, just go for medium powered rifles like the Air Arms TX200, Air Arms Pro Sport, or a Diana 340 N-tec. 

I wouldn’t dismiss them all out of hand, like that. 

They have 5 disadvantages:

a) Cost, for some reason, they cost more than guns that are easier to shoot, out of line for the extra materials needed,
b) (generally) harder to shoot well,
c) Weight and weight distribution are worse, and
d) More demanding of scopes and mounts
e) Harder to cock

What if you could improve b) 100%, c) 50%, and e) 70%?

b) by going to a sledge-type recoilless action; problem solved
c) by going to a side lever. The extra weight is still required, it’s just added to the middle of the gun, instead of the barrel end.
e) by going to a side lever, you get a leverage advantage, compared to break-barrels or under-levers. A 20 FPE springer takes the same effort to cock as a 15 FPE break barrel of a given length.

There’s no getting around a) and d).

It’s hard to have faith on this though, so…ajshoots, if you want to borrow my Diana 56TH for a few months, you’re welcome to it. You only need to pay shipping both ways. Or come visit me, then, you can try my Diana 56TH, Vortek’d TX200, and HW30s too! (I’m 20 miles north of Chicago)

For high power hunting, there’s just no beating a PCP. For their power level, they’re the lightest and most accurate type of airgun. The only other thing worth considering is a 22LR with good quality subsonic ammo, which shoots @ 60 FPE and is quiet, accurate, inexpensive and light. I’ve even seen some subsonic ammo with 60 gr. bullets, so a full powder load can still be used….