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It’s interesting to see the Shorty next to a Marauder pistol bullpup. My first thought when I saw the Shorty was that it functions as a PCP pistol  with it’s short length but specifically, how little of it extends forward of the grip. 

The design just makes more sense than regular pistol configurations on a pcp gun. Most PCP pistols are either too long to function as pistols or lack enough power for hunting (or they have both issues). 

Every time I pick up my Shorty it amazes me how they managed to create such a powerful, efficient, accurate, quiet and lightweight little airgun. It seems to defy conventional wisdom. You Marauder pistol pup is actually longer than the Shorty…

I’ve been shooting 4 mags per fill (48 shots) which is more than you get from some rifles that are twice the length. I actually think I could get more if I needed. Even when it drops off the reg, I haven’t experienced a major drop in power all the way down to 100 bar. The valve is amazing.