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@deja The problems with the cocking arm have beens solved on the last generation HW30S. And Deja is right, get the S model with the Rekord trigger. 

Good choice, the HW30S (got one, love it!) and TX200 are both great rifles to own and easy to maintain. If you want a heavy springer for hunting, consider a gas ram. I own a Diana 340 Ntec in .177 also, and with 16 F/Lbf it’s powerful enough to shoot small game up to 55 yards (9 F/Lbf remaining at that range with JSB Exact 8.4 grains). The advantage of a gas ram is no torque when you pull the trigger, just a nice quiet ‘thump’ backward. Makes shooting accurate, and cocking for that matter, a lot easier. The only downside in my experience with the 340 is that it takes about two tins of pellets before it breaks in. But after that, great accuracy and despite it’s power, still easy and fun to shoot.