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Treat any high pressure vessel with lots of respect.  If you know your tank is going to be in the sun or a hot car, don’t leave it there especially if it is near full pressure.  You might come back to a blown burst disk.  Heat is never your friend when it comes to high pressure vessels.  Direct exposure to sun light can also cause UV damage to the outer coating and possible fiber damage over time.  As far as carbon fiber wrap being stronger than aluminum tanks, I am going to have to question that on the very basic reason that DOT aluminum tanks are designed to not have a take out service date as long as they pass visual and hydro testing every 5 years.  While carbon fiber wrap tanks at this time are still only granted a 15 year maximum lifetime service period.  ( I understand they are trying to expand this time frame)
What is their weakness?  They, like all pressure vessels insist on being treated with kind loving care and not be mistreated, or they might just blow up in your face when you least expect it. Always fill any high pressure vessel very slowly, whether it be CF, AL, or Steel.  For one you will get a fuller fill, and less heat build up, based on good ole physics gas laws of PVT. As well as less stress on the material thus providing for a longer service life.

What’s great about them?  They are light weight and reliable if you follow some basic guidelines and take care of them.

hope this helps.