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Side note, Bob: I had a Glock 34, it was the worst handgun purchase of the hobby. On paper, it is great. But the corners of the extended magazine release dig into the thumb, and I didn’t shoot it any better than I shot a Glock 17 or 21. I think it had an adjustable rear sight, but that’s where the pros end. With the money I’d have saved by buying a 17, I could have put nice tritium ones on it. I shoot Berettas better, and I shoot my HiPower the best yet, even though it is an inexpensive one.

Here’s my Hi-Power, it has the ring hammer, which doesn’t bite like the original:

I had just put the Hogue grips on it, which are a 100% improvement.

It is given credit in the books, but in reality these days, it is forgotten because its magazines only hold 13 rounds. To me, it’s an easier-to-shoot 1911 with double the capacity. CZ75s are also quite sweet, but harder to rack the slide.