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I have a few different stocks for mine which I rotate depending on what I’m doing. I like the original synthetic stock for when I’m shooting from a bench because it’s got some weight to it. I bought a second one which I cut down to be lightweight and I have a custom carbon fiber one for walking in the woods when I want it super light. 

Talon Tunes used to sell an adjustable butt-pad and a bipod rail that attached to the air tank but I don’t know if they sell them anymore. 

A lot of people add their own weaver rail to the bottom of the forend for a bi-pod. 

Donny Du makes custom carbon fiber shrouds for them. I haven’t tried one personally but they look good in pics. 

In addition to tuning, Ernest makes titanium valve stems. I got one because the original one broke but if you’re sending it in for a tune, I recommend adding one because originals are a weak point. Ernest can do any mod you want for the Cricket. Check out some of his threads on this forum. They are awesome. He turned a 22 Cricket into a 30cal and he did a 25 Cricket with a smooth twist barrel and Huggett shroud. 

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