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“ChiefRicci”I am defiantly no expert (VERY FAR FROM IT). Wouldn’t a regulator do what you are looking for?  Get rid of the curve?  Want to

Yes sir, it would do that.  I had a BSA Lonestar that I regulated with an altaros regulator which got 70 shots in a lovely flat string.  It seems to me like it was getting 18 FPE or so.  That gun is gone now.

But I ramble.  Yes it would do exactly what I want.  On Airforce guns regulators have to sit between the bottle and the breech and they lengthen the pull of the rifle.  I want to get the rifle properly tuned before I decide whether or not to also go with a regulator.  One of the nicer things about a regulator on a rifle like the one detailed above is that it can be charged to 3k psi but the best part of the curve kicks in around 2600 psi.  So you can set your regulator to whatever pressure is in the middle of your curve and pick up a ton of shots on a large bottle like the one on a Condor.

But before I regulate, I want to have the rifle tuned well within the factory specs.  When I got it, it was somewhat off balance, for pellets.  It would likely have been fine shooting .257 bullets.

I ordered the Condor hammer weight and some of the teflon washers for the valve today.  After those are installed and tuned I’ll decide what to do about regulating the rifle.