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They adjust the objective on a scope.. Essentially bringing what ever you are looking at in to focus at the distance you are viewing it.  The wheel serves difrent types of shooter differently.  I am mostly a hunter I have a range finder to get my distances so I added a side wheel just to have a larger quicker way of adjusting my focus. 
Field target shooters and others use there wheels differently. They use there wheels to range targets and estimate hold corrections for there scope. what they will do is measure out we’ll say every 5 yds making sure it is in perfect focus and mark the distance on their wheel, they will do this from 10 to 100 yds for example.. They will also shoot these distances and chart the drop or how much hold over/hold under they need to hit the target at that range… Now when they are shooting at some target at an unknown distance they adjust there wheel till the target is perfectly in focus look at the wheel, they can see based on there side wheel mesurment distance marks how far the target is away and now they know where to aim using the chart they made… How many mill dots in there scope they need to hold over or under to hit the target accurately..

My side wheel is small because I don’t need a big one, the benefit of a big one is its easer to make finer adjustments to the focus. Being bigger also means there is more area to mark your ranges on, I believe the benefit to half side wheels and the ones that look like snail shells is that they are big enough to give the benefits of having a big wheel but shaped in such a way where they don’t hit or bump into parts on the gun.