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“JoeWayneRhea”Zebra I agree totally . What amazes me is when I’m shooting with my main shooting Buddy and we usually end up shooting mainly from 40-60 yards and his 6-24 or 8-32 power scope Isnt capable of seeing about half the holes . And almost never if its a piece of cardboard or any thing but solid white background.
My scope is a fixed 12X and I can see just fine …The extra magnification is useless without good glass .

Now that one I can agree with, I have to admit I am one of those drink wine from a box kind. I have a centerpoint on my 50 cal BP and HATE sighting it in because I cannot hardly see the holes even at my 75 yard normal sight in. 
At the gun show I got to taste some of the good stuff and watched the rounds all the way to the target and could see so clearly the impact points. 
Now………… I am going to have to buy a more expensive scope…….. I blame it all on you Joe its all your fault. That is what I am going to tell my wife too, Its all his fault :) speaking of which Hey Joe you got an extra scope I can borrow for a few years
Or maybe an extra Air Conditioner I can put in our doghouse I may need it