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“weatherby”Don’t want to sound negative, but a couple of years ago, the Atamans entered the market in NL with a big bang, but almost all guns in the smaller calibres were suffering from bad accuracy.
They never seem to get the issues solved, and they slowly disappeared. You don’t hear many stories of them anymore…. Good luck, I hope the issues have been solved by now.

I’m sure they can be accurate. When you’ve got a good barrel with a consistent air supply, I’m fairly sure most other things can be fixed. 

I don’ know anything about what happened with the Dutch release but I do know that the specs now are not the same. The action is different for a start and, if they did in fact have a failed release due to accuracy issues, I am sure they wouldn’t want to make the same mistake in a market like America. America has 10x the sales potential of anywhere else – it’s the one they’d want to get right.

I’m hopeful that PA will make it right and that it’s not a widespread set of issues. 

I’m only reporting on the issues because, when I won the Ataman, I promised a review. My preference would be to give one on a good example and not an isolated defective one. We’ll find out what the real story is soon enough but, with this gun, I can promise you all that it is at least worth holding our judgment until we find out. If the issues are limited then it will be a winner. 

For now, we can think of it as part of the review and a useful insight. All air rifle brands have some defective ones. How the issues are dealt with is part of the overall brand experience. If issues are fixed quickly and painlessly then you tend to forget all about them. It’s when people are left to deal with it on their own, or they are forced for hound some tech department for weeks or months to find out what’s happening with their $1500 air gun that they tend to hold a grudge.