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I’ve owned my Wolf MCT .22 since January and have about 1500 rounds through it. My only complaint is that your kind of pigeon holed in terms of the pellets you can use on high power….My Wolf shoots JSB 18.13 and Air Arms 18gr pelllets best on high and its damn close between the JSB 18.13 and the JSB 15.89 on low. I think I would have preferred high power to be like 30ft lbs instead of 40 and low power to be somewhere under 20ft lbs. I personally think 40ft lbs is borderline too hot for most .22 pellets. That said, I haven’t seen any spiraling even out to 70 yards (the longest range my backyard will allow) with my JSB 18.13 shooting at 960fps.

From a solid rest, the Wolf will stack them all day at 30yards and gives me .4-.7 inch groups (depending on how much chocolate I eat that day:)) at 55yards with pellets straight from the tin. The trigger is the best trigger I have ever felt and for a long time I thought the FX Royale was the best around. The trigger, when pulled, is “dead”…literally just a mouse click…and then BOOM….dead Starling. Due to the fast lock time, it is very difficult to “pull” a shot. IMO, my FX Royale 500 is quieter than my Airwolf, but then again I don’t have a Hugget on my Wolf. 

Through the chrony the Wolf is not my best performer.. that honor goes to my FX Royale 500. The ES from my Wolf tends to be right around 26 and some days closer to 30 over a full shot string. Whereas my FX 500 is in the single digit extreme spread pretty consistently. That said, the ES doesn’t seem to effect accuracy a whole a lot, though at longer ranges I often wonder if the high ES leads to a flier here and there. The electronics of the gun do a nice job “regulating” the air for each shot, though IMO, not as good of a job as a mechanical regulator. I have never once worried about water damage as I have literally had mine out in a snow storm and nothing happened. 

In terms of shot count the Wolf is a BEAST. On high I shoot from 230bar down to 140 for a told of 70 high power shots. On low power (28ft lbs), I get over 100 shots and shoot from 230 bar down to 110bar. 

Overall, the comfort and feel of a Daystate is second to none IMO. The wood stock is INSANELY NICE and shouldering the rifle is a thing of beauty in IMO. You cant go wrong with a Wolf however, if it were me I would wait to see if Daystate is going to put the Wolverine’s mechanics in a Wolf….if they do…buy that one…if you cant wait…buy it now! As always…have fun!!!!