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Not sure, I can order them from  AoA, cause i`m from Europe :)

Will write to Neilm maybe he can ship stuff to me :D

Thanks for info, will check local FX seller.

Rock, what do you mean by “simply clipping”? 

I do not rest extended shroud on anything.

i`m strugling with accuracy of my Impact. Sent back .30 cal barrel to seller – shroud was definitely bad, couldnt extend it easily and there was lead markings on exit hole.

Now i`m trying to find why gun shots so randomly (i can achieve 5 mm CTC groups on 50 meters, but shooting little more and POI is changing.)

Today I`ve checked out mag and found that spring was very tense, so loosened it a bit. Dont know if it helps, will check on range next weekend maybe.

Impact is great gun, but maybe im so reterded, that cant setup it properly, or i dont know what. Cant get groups i would expect to get with this gun.

For hunting it`s ok. But for HFT accuracy isnt good enough.

And worst thing is, that in my area there is literally no one, who knows FX guns, so cant go to profesionalist and ask to have my gun checked. Polish (i`m from Poland) FX seller is a joke – have sent them .30 barrel two weeks ago, and till today they did not even touch it, because service man is absent. He should go back tomorrow, so maybe will know little more.

My Cricket was way more simple to setup and use.