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“ajshoots”In all honesty, I love my Bulldog, but it sprays any and all bullets like a shotgun pattern. It shoots jsb’s very well out to 100 yards, but bullets are 2-4″ at 30 yards. The Noslers are the only bullet that has shot ok and that isn’t saying much. I only shoot the JSB’s out of mine at 150fpe. I can’t hunt anything bigger than coyotes, so the pellets are fine.

It is a shame Crosman could not have made the gun at least reasonably accurate. from most of the stuff i have read it is just barely minute of coyote accurate at 50 yards. For me using this gun for peg, that may be OK?

Almost everybody says the JSB is the most accurate and If I got one, that would probably be my pellet of choice although Neil’s EPP might very well be better.

I could always change gears and go with a Sam Yang Recluse too ?


Well since I wrote this lots have gone down for sure .. I have a Bulldog and it shoots 125gr .358-125rf darn good (In general) 1 inch at 50 yds. It shoots .358-105swc very, very good.

Working on the accuracy when I take gun apart to mod the valve opening and remove the valve spring to add another 50-70 fps !