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You hit it right on the nail head FunGun. Got home from Home Depot and got the circuit installed. Screwed the valve all the way out, since it actually screwed all the way down, plugged it in, turned the breaker on and flipped the switch. I guess in less than 1 minute, the gauge was registering 1900 psi. It had rained earlier and cooled everything off, even the humidity was down. Total time, including about a 2 hour cool (some football had to be watched) down was about 3 1/2 hours. I am fairly sure, reading the manuals I was emailed today, the times will be quicker, I have got to measure the intake filter or  look for a part number and get one coming. I am sure it having some oil on it blocking the air from completely free flowing slowed the process down.
I appreciate all the help and advise.