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“Dairyboy”Disappointed to hear all the negatives of it.

I wouldn’t let the issues with mine put you off if you wanted one. Hopefully it’s an isolated example. I can tell you that I am motivated to get it fixed over giving up on it. I wouldn’t do that it if wasn’t worth it. It has a lot of potential. It really does feel great to shoulder. It will probably mean more business for Ernest on the tuning though.

Here is info on issues with mine:

[color=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)]This is the Ataman clipping issue:[/color]      
 And the other side         This is where the wood is too thin:       Not sure if you can see in the pic but the right side is thinner than the left. If I press on the right side then the wood moves with a creaking sound as it doesn’t sit touching the action like it does on the left. I think if you got one without that defect then you might not experience any movement there. It doesn’t look like mine in the photo on their site so hopefully it’s just this one.