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Quakenbush rarely accepts new orders these days. His website always says he is booked up for the next year. I guess this is to be expected when you sell custom high power air rifles for half the price of everyone else. They come up for sale in the classifieds fairly regularly though.

Extreme Big Bores sells a similar product without the weight albeit for a higher price but they have some cool options. I was moderately interested in one of their big bore pistols at one point but they couldn’t make what I wanted. 

The problem with all of those high power air rifles is that they have none of the benefits of an air rifle but all of the inconveniences. It would be like owning an old fashioned black powder rifle except you’re limited to two shots. 

I have seen various people hunt hogs and deer just fine with 25 or even 22 cal air rifles. They take heads shots but those things have big heads. I’d be inclined to prioritize accuracy above all else with any air rifle purchase and then set your max hunting distances based on power and your ability to be accurate.