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If the compressor was turned over, you could have too much oil in the valve systems of the cylinders.  It might start working better after sitting for a few days.  (here again I would check with the dealer on his opinion).  You will always get a little oil in the water separator discharge so don’t think something is wrong, this is normal.  I usually catch my discharge in a one gallon jug just so I can monitor the amount of moisture and oil.

back to troubleshooting:

If you are able to purge the separator, which you are when you see the “chicken soup”  (which is normal when there is oil mixed with the water) then you are getting high pressure to that point.  So it sounds like the problem might be between the filter output and the valve at the guage. 
Do you notice the whip getting stiff at all when you pumped for several minutes? If not then there is no air getting to the whip.  If your whip is getting stiff then I would look at the valve assy at the end of the whip.  I have had those go bad.  Also while we are on this end of the whip, are you getting any air out? 

Also you might have a check valve between the SCBA and the quick disconnect, it could be bad or even just backwards?

(I have owned a larger bauer but not one of the juniors, so I am not completely familiar with how you would normally purge the high pressure line to take your tank off. )
Is there a purge on the SCBA adapter pictured between the valve and your tank attach point? 
Or do you have to relieve the pressure down at the base of the filter/separator port block?

Might try taking the fill whip off without any pressure in the system.  I don’t know if you have compressor experience but if a fitting has any pressure on it at all you won’t be able to break it loose so make sure to depressurize the system before trying to wrench on it.

If your distribution block has a second port you might check to see if it has airflow when running.  Just keep working your way back to the 3rd stage separator since you know your getting pressure there.

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