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1st, this is the fill whip and the gauge is in the correct place 
all the valves are closed, already been spraying the water and soap mixture. And yes, even though I discouraged it, the compressor was shipped full of oil. Before I purged the 3rd stage the 1st time, the hose was a little dirty, now it looks like the color of cream of chicken soup. Also, while looking the compressor over, I removed the intake cover to see the filter, about 2 tablespoons of oil ran out. I called the dealer, he encouraged me to run it to see. Well I saw and have decided this is his and FedEx problem. Sign on top of the box,
I have gone well past what I would consider normal and will be more than happy to fix the problem with the crate
and put the compressor back in the box it came in. I do not need this as a problem.