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Those of you that watch my channel know I  don’t shy away from killing venomous snakes. However the ones I kill are around campsites, roads, or hunting stands. Places where family comes and goes. I generally don’t judge other hunters that are obeying the law and respecting their fellow man. My 2 cents is that I don’t feel too good about someone going out of their way to find and hunt them out in the deep wilderness just for the sake of doing it. However, I also don’t know Texas. If rattlers are a dime a dozen there, I could be more comfortable with it. In Florida big eastern diamondbacks are becoming rare. I would only approve killing one that’s in your personal space. I wouldn’t approve willfully seeking and hunting them out in the deep woods, but only due to their rarity. 

I don’t think he was 2 feet away. I think he was just outside of striking distance and the camera angle made it look closer.