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You should see high pressure at the whip end immediately.  If you have it “dead ended” you will see it hit 2000 psi in as little as a few seconds.  What gauge are you looking at? I am assuming you have closed the bleeder valve (psg relief)?   I am assuming you have checked for leaks?  You have closed all drains?  I am assuming your guage is on the fill side of the valve on the end of the whip so that you can see the psg building without the whip attached to a tank?  Since this is a used compressor your “gauge” could be down stream of the fill valve and was being used to monitor the tank pressure and line pressure when the whip valve is open.  Sorry to be so elementary in this but since I can’t see your unit I am trying to give some of the reasons that are “simple” fixes.  If all else fails, mix up some dish soap and water in a spray bottle and lightly spray all the connections and see if you can find a connection that might have vibrated loose.  What part of the country are you in?  Did he ship it with oil in it, or did you have to add oil when it arrived?