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“wormbobskey”I wouldn’t mind trying to make myself a bull pup stock, but don’t think I could pull off the trigger linkage needed. Anyone know of anyone that sells an after market bull pup trigger linkage kit?
I thought I could thin the forearm down a little and remove the ambi cheek piece as well as maybe drill a few holes under the recoil pad to remove extra wood. I’m sure that would cut a few ounces off the over all weight.
I suppose I could also go with a smaller compact scope as well.

Buy a used airsoft steyr Aug bullpup stock as it comes with a the trigger link mechanism. They sell them for $30-$35. Less sometimes. 

Or, if you prefer, you can buy a trigger linkage arm for a bullpup unlimited kit for the mossberg 500. They sell for $18 but you have to find your own trigger.