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I think I might have received a defective one… There are large indented scratches on the inside of the shroud cap indicating major clipping on both sides. JSB 18’s don’t fit in the mag properly, a slight tilt and they unseat so I doubt I’m going to be able to show any impressive accuracy… 

The stock looks defective on mine too. There seems to be more wood on one side than the other. Both sides are (far too) thin but the right side easily bends with my finger. I could snap it without much effort. I can’t tell 100% but I think it’s already starting to crack. 

Anyway… deep breath… here’s what I can tell you so far: 

– It gets around 15 shots per fill. I fired ten shots from 200 bar which took it down to 110 bar. I then filled to 260 bar and fired two mags which took it back down to 115 bar.  

– it is tuned more like a Korean gun. I haven’t put it through a chrony yet but I can tell from the penetration in the backstop that it’s putting out more energy than my other 22 cal guns. If it was tuned down a little, the shot count would be more in-line with expectations. It’s never going to get the 60-70 shots per fill the guy from Air Venturi claims on the video on the PA site though. Maybe 30 with some down-tuning 

– The action is nice. Very smooth cocking. Among the best I have used. – The trigger feels nice for a hunting gun – it’s loud with it’s stock tuning. Sounds more like a 25. Slightly louder than my 25 Cricket 

– The mag is easy to use. It’s actually very good. You could probably get by with just one 

– The instructions it comes with are for a different gun and not very good or comprehensive. It doesn’t explain how to take it out of the stock and it’s more than just removing screws. The safety locks it in place and there are no instructions for how to remove it so i can’t get to any of the adjustments.  

– The metalwork looks generally good. The wood is the worst I have seen on an air gun at any price range. It’s too thin to be rigid and the pores are unfilled like on the Mutant stock.

The folding stock is ok but not great. There is some vertical and horizontal travel. It feels great to shoulder. The balance and weight is excellent. It’s the lightest gun I own.  If I got one that wasn’t defective, down tuned it to make the shot count acceptable and replaced the stock, I could see it being one of my favorites but time will tell.