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Chiming in… First off I’m a hunter and a competitive BR shooter. I’m 44 years old and almost 100% of the time I’m the youngest at the range. Most of my partners and competitors are retired or close to it. I’ve been shooting since I was 8 years old, my first rifle was a Daisy 880 power line I think it, I still have it too!!. About 2.5 years ago I purchased a Condor SS and joined North Florida Airgun Shooters, a club local to me. I showed up with my Condor and was hooked on airguns again. I’m very competitive person so I started modding the condor.

i shot it alwhile and always saving my cash for upgrades, or more accurate guns. I then purchased a R10 and had it tuned with it I broke into the 730’s and it is a spectacular hunter.

I shot it and broke high 735-740 scores. Like I said I have a competitive personality so I saved money, sold a few things and got a Raw Bm500, now I’m winning matches and scoring 747-749’s. My point is… Being able to shoot with what you have and have a great time. A person can go out and spend 3k on a setup and be competitive?? I don’t think so, shooter has to be seasoned with airguns. Why do I like BR so much?? Because I have great friends and teachers to shoot with.