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“Deja”This rifle looks way to rough, like some random dude put it together in his garage. 

Yeah, if that person had a complete CNC shop in their garage. If you have the ability to make one in your garage, please can you make one for me too. 

Be fair, you might not like the styling but, being objective, it definitely has a professional finish. I think the look is deliberately minimalist to save weight and make it more accurate. The thing about a nice walnut stock is that it can contribute to making a rifle less accurate. Wood expands and contracts with rising and falling temperatures as well as adding weight. This design reduces the potential issue without increasing the cost (with a stock made of composites).

The other aspect of the design that I think is smart is the reduced size and simplified trigger block. I bet it’s quicker to manufacturer than the one on the Impact. 

The only aspect I’m not sure about is the position of the bottle. Without the strength of carbon fiber, I’m not sure it’s smart to use it as a forearm. If I got one, I’d want to use it with a hose to hold the bottle away from the rifle. Then I’d add a free float handguard.

Just realized I haven’t seen that reviewer before. I was thinking of the guy that works in the comic book store in the Simpsons. My bad…