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“Willie14228”I like head shots too Smaug but 200 boars have a noggin almost as hard as mine lol

That’s right, and lower power would limit your shot options because of head shape too. If they’re facing you, the angle of the forehead would make just about ANY head shot deflect. Maybe the same with quartering too, and rear head shots …. they don’t really have backs of heads, do they?

Thinking more about it, I’d probably just go all-in and get something in the .45 or .50 cal. range. If it’s going to be big and clunky, it might as well be capable of taking big game too. Unfortunately, I’m not educated enough about big bore airguns to say exactly what I’d go for. Maybe Quackenbush, just because I’ve seen a video interview of him, and he seems like a really sharp guy.