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“LDP”Good shot. I think the pellet would have still made it to the vitals if it hit the leg bone. Thats solid penetration. 

I think it was just the perfect amount of penetration. Went through everything it needed to, without passing through.

I’m not so sure about making it to the vitals, if I had hit the leg bone. I had a similar shot several weeks ago with the Marauder, triple the energy at the distance of impact. I don’t know if it hit the upper arm or shoulder, but it crippled that arm and he ran off remarkably fast, considering he only had one front leg to use. Maybe it deflected off the shoulder, and went around to the front instead of back?

It makes me respect these little guys all the more. They have GOT to be among the most ruggedly-built animals in existence, for their size.

The kill zone on the head doesn’t seem to be 1″; maybe 3/4″.