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“Marksman3006”Whichever color they are not used to. That about sums it up. I have great luck with a regular light/headlamp at night. Im ratting right now on a farm with pest. Just shot a rabbit at about 30 yards and 3 rats so far but they keep falling between the walls. I guess their buddies will have em for lunch. Just make sure you turn the light down real low…..just enough to get their eyeshine. A 30mm tube quality scope is definitely the way to go for light gathering. I use a 6-24X sf airmax and just leave it at 6 power with the crosshairs illuminated on lowest setting. I really want a nightsite setup tho.

A Nitesite setup would be the way to go, but that’s a pretty penny to dish out, maybe Santa-wife will be nice enough to put it in my stocking. Until then I’m looking at Wicked Hunting Lights kit seems to have all the night hunting essentials to get started, and reasonably priced to boot.

I will be the first to admit that the headlamp works very well on racoons…..but poorly at best on rats and pigeons. Coons tree up and just give you a perfect headshot. Rats are smart and hide, I actually have to go in the barn and kick stuff/stir them up to get a shot. Sitting and waiting on the rats with a white light/headlamp was a complete fail. Same with pigeons at night. Im already signing up for a couple of nights of overtime to fund the nitesite viper. REALLY REALLY want a nitesite viper!!!!