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“Willie14228”Okay, so birds squirrel and other small critters are fine and well,
But let’s move up to deer, hogs, and like size
What would you bring?
Now let’s get it set up how would it be equipped, what kind of scope, accessories and other little toys


My 25’s and 257 are powerful as heck, but I bought a Benjamin Bulldog just for the scenario you are stating here. I did not want to spend a lot of $$$ on something I would use only a few times a year (Cost me $679.99 using a 20% discount sale at Crosman and bought it on Friday so there was no shipping).

I wanted enough power for heart/lung shots on deer, hogs and yote. My gun is OK accurate at 50 yds with 125gr RNFP’s but I’m testing others. I’m shooting those at 795 fps but hope to be shooting those in the 835 ish area with a couple of small mods next week. I have some of Nicks ammo to try if the wind is OK.

I can tell you the gun is very powerful and loud, and I mean both of those … it hits like hammer at 50-60 yards, and it is loud enough for you to use an earplug in you stock side ear to stop your ear from ringing ! Mods can improve both of these things. Upping the velocity by 60-100 fps and lowering the cylinder ping quite a bit.