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I pre-paid for mine months ago and became upset when they kept pushing the arrival date back. PA really followed up after I sent them a venom laced E-mail.

Maybe they are “going through it” before they send it to you.

mini review from only one evening…….

1) weight and point ability are great.
2) fit and finish great
3) trigger great
4) noise about the same as my Air Arms S410. Not great, and I have not even done chrony work to determine fpe.
5) magazine good in and of itself, but here is the whammy—
     The gun is butter smooth when hand loading single shots
      The gun is smooth with the mag installed, with no pellets
       When you load pellets into the mag and index, the pellets cock before they go into the breach.  The pellets “jam” and the only way to remedy is a) push really hard on the lever and drive them home.
                 b) pull the lever back and push it forward in a tapping motion and one of the times the pellet straightens up and goes in smooth.
                 c smack the side of the action with your hand after the “jam to straighten the pellet up.
all three of these are unacceptable for a gun of this cost and quality.
the breach really accepts pellets by hand too easily- a bench rest petigree, this area then creates slop during transition from the magazine.
Maybe after the breach O-ring breaks in thing will get better.  Only 1 in 15 index first time and smooth.  

This is first and honest impressions.  If the indexing problem gets fixed, it is a keeper.  Have not even put the scope on it though for groups.