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Can you explain where the target horizontal well vertical

Yes my friend the Wildcat shots are horizontal which means they are more effected by wind. Vulcan shots are vertical which means the barrel is more sensitive to difference in pellet weight but pellets don’t get much effected by wind. So I can assume that if I sort the pellets by weight then Vulcan should shoot them more accurately. Also the smooth twist barrel is more forgiving when it comes to shooting the pellets unsorted but its twist and choke is making the pellets more sensitive to wind.
Seems every gun or you can say every barrel has its strengths and weaknesses.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that.

It’s just a few groups for a start so it could just as easily mean that a gust of wind blew when you shot the Wildcat group. Two identicle pellets flying at the same speed from two different guns would both be effected by wind… The Vulcan does not have any special wind effect minimization technology unless you invented it. If you did, please can I buy one?

It could also be that you didn’t shoot as well with the Wildcat. Could be that you are more used to the Vulcan or it happens to fit you better. 

Another potential explanation is on is that the speed was wrong for the Wildcat. I have read that ST barrels sometimes do better at slightly lower velocities than LW or CZ barrels. Setting them up to shoot at the same speed might seem like a fair test but a more meaningful test would be to find the best pellet and speed combo for each rifle. 

The Wildcat I tried didn’t have a horizontal spread like that and if you look at some of the groups posted by others, you find the same. It might be worth figuring out why it’s happening on your one. Both guns are capable of comparable accuracy at that distance.