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blackdieselThink of a baseball vs a badminton.  

+1….Excellent analogy. The pressure spike from a firearm is much more than the 3 to 4000 psi our pellets use. If you could get the pellet to go 3000 it would probably be fairly acccurate if the twist rate of the barrel was designed for those speeds. The problem is when the pellet is traveling too close to the speed of sound. watch a video on youtube of a jet approaching the speed of sound. The jet will start to get turbulance as it approaches the sound wave. As it breaks through……its almost like a bomb going off shaking the whole aircraft. Once past that speed…..smooth as silk. The pellet slows down so fast that even if you shot it at like 1400 fps……as the pellet slows to like 1150 it crosses that pressure wave again destabilizing the pellet. Best to stay around 20% below the speed of sound with our airguns.