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I thought I did have a local source turns out I was wrong.. Walmart stopped stocking them..
After going to 2 walmarts
2 paint ball shops
1 gun shop
and 1 local outdoor store I was out of luck.

I can order from walmart online get them shipped to the store for free but the wait time is a week… 
my other option is to drive 40ish minutes to the closest Dick’s sporting goods to buy them which is what I did for the 2 pack i have now…
I would say that my self or my sister makes that drive about once a week so its not like I am going out of my way for them….

ALSO ordering pellets at walmart online you can have them shipped to your nearest store for free instead of buying one tin of pellets and paying almost as much in shipping from other web sites… Ans they have an alright selection of pellets too.