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One shot through the head of a rattlesnake with a .177 BB or pellet is QUITE sufficient to ethically kill it. There was absolutely NOTHING cruel about the way this snake was “harvested”. Trust me I have lived in rattlesnake country for nearly 58 years and although their venom can be quite deadly they are not tough creatures and are not hard to kill at all. The guy had a stick and was in practically no danger at all since the snakes focus was on the stick and not the person. I have killed more snakes than most people will see in 5 lifetimes unless they live in very rural snake country. Should an inexperienced person or child try this…ABSOLUTELY NOT but YouTube is a showplace for DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME videos!  Do I think this guy is a genius….ABSOLUTELY NOT.   Do I think people are over reacting…… YES I DO!