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Thanks for weighing in on this thread.  I was not aware of the scopes’ rating by the Navy but I guess I’m not surprised given my experience with the scope.

I chose a fixed power scope for two reasons– I had a variable 3-9x that stayed on 9, and I wanted to mount it on a spring gun and read here on AGN that fixed power scopes tend to be more robust.  Less moving parts = less chance for things to shake loose.  Makes sense to me.

Mine’s been mounted on a springer (HW35) that’s had a few thousand rounds fired with the scope mounted– zero issues with the scope.

it’s now on a PCP– AA 200T– but I wouldn’t hesitate to put it on any springer.

the only possible negative I can site is that it is a fairly heavy scope.  I suppose that’s part of the reason it’s so robust!