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It is a Balance of everything that improves accuracy

  • Twist rate of rifling
  • length of barrel
  • weight and type of round being shot
  • power (be it powder or air) that is being applied to the round

Fact is To much power behind a round can cause it to start tumbling, and or break the sound barrier  A longer barrel can help balance that power especially when the air gun has a regulator to even out the power curve.
The rate of twist of a rifle will play a big role in choosing what rounds will shoot best out of that barrel so the rate of twist is relevant to the length of said barrel
The one very big difference between air rifles and powder burners is “Cold Bore”, Because Air Rifles are shooting cold bore with every shot they do not need to worry about heat expansion, The only issue that they need to be concerned with is barrel harmonics (This is especially true in springer’s) because of the relative slow speed of the round compared to powder burners a cheap Un-Tuned barrel will be doing the shimmy shimmy shake before the round is out on it merry way to punch a hole in something. The primary reason break barrels are longer is so you do not have to be heman to cock the things. More expensive springers and barrels will be adjusted in length to offer the best harmonics matched to the power plant behind it.  
I will say this about cold bore shooting, leave a long barreled rifle out in the sun and see what happens to your zero (Long Distance Shooting) 
Tuning and balancing is the key to good accuracy in an air rifle, not necessarily the just the length of the barrel. 
A properly tuned airgun with a short barrel will outshoot an untuned long barrel or vise versa 
naturally that statement does caveat quality