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I understand purely what you are saying. I cleaned the gun and it was pretty dirty.

My dad has a friend that has some nice pellet guns, well over $2,000 for one of his setups. He has others setup for different game. Im 16, i usually put roofs on with my dad over the summer, but we didn’t get any this year. So thats about $2,000 out of my pocket, on one job.

I may return the rifle depending how it acts with a new scope. Do you know if the Umarex torq is any good? The gun store i bought the venom has one in .22.

Accuracy definitely rules over power. I have killed 4 possum, 3 raccoon, 1 squirrel and 3 rabbit with my .177, and its worn out im sure. Q

I’ll get you guys more info when i get ammo.