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“ssunsera”OK received in good shape. This thing is heavy. I have ordered a sling as well as the hose to hook it up to my compressor  as it has a fill probe thingy and i will probably try to hunt with it with the sling but I have got to question how steady I am gonna be offhand. And zebra your preach-en to the coir on the fx impact. I received mine earlier this month in 25 cal. It was shot count in high calibers and the fact that there was only 1 in stock. And I wanted to believe. Would I recomend? Probaly not.

Maybe there is something you can do to lighten it up. 

One of my earlier air guns is a Hatsan AT44 QE Tact. The weight of it drove me nuts and off-hand shooting was out of the question. Part of the issue was the adjustable stock. It added 2-3lb just for the length of pull…. Anyway, I made a new stock and it feels like a different gun. 

Clearly the main issue on this one is the two metal bottles. Maybe you could replace the front one with a cf bottle. I was also wondering if it can be used with just one bottle? I’d want to find a way of connecting the bottles through a hose so I could carry them on my back…

For some reason, all Hatsan guns seem to be significantly heavier than their competition. It would do a lot for them if they worked on that. I’m all for avoiding extra cost by not re-inventing the wheel but if they are going to keep recycling that same action under different names, it’s time for a lighter version.