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“Nuke307”also if you have the valve pictures above with the one way connection, that is just used for connecting the cylinder to the scba pack. You dont mess with that at all during the fill, just screw in the fill hose to the threaded connection on the bottle, make sure the purge valve is closed and then open the valve on the bottle, after you do that you should have the current cylinder pressure indication on the filling equipment somewhere.

Just re read what you posted, there are no one way valves used on the threaded connections of the older scba cylinders so unless the thing is very new and the company built it without a purge valve you should be ok. The only thing I can think is happening is you left the purge valve open. once you’re at 4500 pounds close the fill valve and then back off the regulator, then open the door. close your bottle valve and then bleed off the air in the hose so you can disconnect it. Let us know how it turns out!