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I wrote up a little procedure on how I fill my tank at my department. I’m not sure if your equipment is the same but hopefully you can make use of it. If your losing air during and after filling it sounds like you didn’t close the purge(bleed) valve, it should be built into the system they have, look for it and make sure its closed before you start filling. 

  • Attach fill hose to cylinder
  • check bleed valve closed
  • Check open high pressure fill line
  • Open SCBA cylinder valve
  • Close blast door
  • Verify current SCBA pressure on bottle pressure gauge
  • Open “From bank” valve with lowest pressure
  • Adjust pressure regulator to desired fill pressure
  • Monitor regulator pressure indication on outlet pressure gauge
  • Crack open Fill Valve to start filling cylinder
  • Fill to 4500 PSI
  • If bank is lower than 4500PSI
  • Than close fill valve
  • Close From bank valve in use
  • Open next from bank valve
  • Adjust regulator to 4500PSI
  • Crack fill valve 
  • When bottle pressure reaches 4500PSI
  • Close fill valve
  • Close From Bank valve
  • Close SCBA valve
  • Close high pressure hose valve
  • Open bleed valve
  • Remove SCBA cylinder
  • Open fill valve
  • Open high pressure fill line valve to bleed off system pressure
  • Observe bottle pressure indication decreasing
  • Set regulator to 0