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Well the New Antique should be ready this afternoon…Bad as I want to , I’m not gonna post any pics . Ill let Robert do that . Been gathering up bubble wrap and foam here at work all morning . I’m gonna make this shipping carton Gorilla proof !!
A guy shipped me a gun recently in a FedEx double box . Man that things like a hard gun case . That’s what I’m shipping her in . I gotta find me a good source for sturdy cardboard boxes . At work our parts come in really flimsy boxes that mainly hold parts together when they are on a pallet .
GoodtoGo (Robert) hasn’t seen so much as one picture of the gun and if he’s up for it I’m gonna keep it that way and let him unpack it like it was brand new :) I’ve unboxed my fair share of new guns over the years and its kinda cool not knowing for sure what it’s gonna look like .