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I have had few very good shots on them, and after my one disappearing pigeon last year, I decided no more under 18 gr pellets and I want at least 20 fpe at POI ! I want to hit them HARD and bring them down. Yes I can use a lighter gun and hit them in the head at 50-60 yards and mostly miss at that range or wound them ,,,, or I can go for center mass and knock them out !

In reality all my serious hunting guns are very powerful (Condors, Careers, a Sumatra, and a Hatsan 44 QE Long), all in either 22 or 25 and all shooting 935-985 fps shooting heavy for caliber pellets. If they are facing me it is high body shot, if they are on the side, I try for just under wing junction, if facing away it is center high spine shot. Almost all shots are 50-70 yards.

They are a very tough bird, and most of the time if I have my 22 cal gun I will be very careful of where I shoot them and many times I pass on the shot (even a good body shot that goes through them, they can fly off a bit)… by the same token when shooting my .25 cal guns and JSB KH’s at ~950 fps I take the shot, and it is as if they get hit with a sledge hammer !