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“Goodtogo”Well anything is possible? But maybe they should tell people to be on the lookout for someone with a 4′ long pipe? And one more thread that made me look up something I don’t need to know about. LOL The blowgun forum is scary with all sorts of crazy long hunting shots claimed?(reminds me of other forums) ;)

Actually Some of those blow guns are scary powerful, I had a three footer that I could pop squirrels up in an old pecan tree back home as a kid, At least until my mom found out and took it away from me.
Key Note about blow guns…… suck in air before putting mouthpiece to mouth :O Whatever the case the air seal flange on that dart is way bigger than any .22 or .25 and with that size bolt the only type of even possible “air rifle” that could shoot it would be some kind of break barrel, or a tranquilizer gun. Trank guns are not that abundant if I was investigating the case I would look on craigslist history and see if one had been sold recently.  The only Break Barrel that Might and I stress Might shoot that dart would be the hatsan 135. But I would say most likely doing so would result in nothing more than the flange being pushed up the bolt. Further if you look at the flange you can see that there is no damage, If that plastic was pushed against the rifling of a normal air gun it would have cuts on its edge. there are none present. This means that the bolt was shot through a smooth bore 
So no go on the 135. That leaves maybe a paintball gun or homemade gun. That is possible its all over you tube that guys are making their own “trash can” airguns out of pvc pipe and whatever else they can find laying around.