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A friend of mine has one on his AR, likes it, One thing he likes is that if he forgets to turn it off it will go on standby and stay at standby until movement is detected. He tends to forget that he left others on and then found the battery dead when he needs it. 
Leupold has a MSRP of $780 for this scope, The Minimum advertising price set by Leupold for this scope is $599 There are other VX-R Models that are similar but cheaper 
Some of the features that he likes is the fast focus dial, he likes to use gloves when shooting and it is easy to operate with gloves.
He likes the eye relief as his AR is a 302 and has some kick though it’s not bad, 
This is a tactical scope fast target acquisition, the IR is clear and visible even on the brightest day and unlike cheaper IR scopes at dim levels in low light it does not flare out visibility because of the non reflective surface inside the scope. (a lot of IR scopes if you turn on the IR in low light the glass will “glow” and block visibility) I have one of those cheaper scopes and keep a almost dead battery to use when I am hog hunting in low light so the IR is very dim.