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“hsnmz”Same ranges i.e. 50 and 100 yards. Same conditions i.e. Slight wind from left. Both guns at almost same velocity. Shooting jsb kings unsorted. Here are the results, have shared the Wildcat result earlier but here are those again. Measured in cm edge to edge.

Wildcat 50 yards

Vulcan 50 yards

Wildcat 100 yards

Vulcan 100 yards

One thing that I noticed is that at 100 yards the Wildcat hits exactly where the strelock shows the drop to be. But Vulcan hits about half mildot higher than what strelock suggests. I had to slightly increase the ballistic coefficient for Vulcan in strelock to correct the drop. What could be the reason for that? Does ballistic coefficient differ from gun to gun?

Can you explain where the target horizontal well vertical