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I also emailed the company and $603 shipped to the US! But there waiting 2-3 weeks for the adapters so we can use them here. I’m buying one for sure! Basically I could not only buy this but also a tiger shark tank with full armor and all goodies for less than a shoebox f10 and the alpha filter. Needless to say I’m sold on it!

Here’s the email from them.

“Good day Dillon,

we are pleased about your interest in our Altaros compressor booster unit.
There was few customers which was thinking that compressor was self contained and just put out the high air pressure without needing anything other than just the regular air pressure to input.
So for sure, this compressor booster need Driving ( workshop ) compressor , which has to supply at least 72 PSI , max 150 PSI. Higher pressure and bigger amount of air workshop compressor can supply = faster filling of your airtank. It is possible use cheap workshop compressor which cost 100 USD, but filling time is longer, similar to driving compressor in our filling table: Scheppach HC 24 .
Check table for times of performance for different compressors here:


We have best experience with priority insured parcel which is send by air. It is also cheapest option, shipping cost is 89 USD.
Price for Altaros compressor booster unit is 514 USD .

So total price is 603 USD including shipping.

I Just want to ask about power adapter which you need:

How to order

i supose that you need Typ A.
If yes, then unfortunately we sold already all adapters which we have here, we did not expect so big demand for this adapter type. Our bad.
I ordered few reduction on our adapters which should be here tomorrow. Normaly we use ” Replacement 5.5mm 2.1mm DC 12V 1A Power Adapter Supply (100~240V / 2-Flat-Pin Plug) ” .

New adapters for America/Canada market are on way, but they will be here mostlikely in 2-3 weeks.

S pozdravem / With kind regards

Michal Ječný

tel. +420 608 573 443
E-mail: [email protected]

Altaros Air Solutions s.r.o.
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