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Every projectile has an optimum velocity and spin rate if it can exit the barrel
at the valley or the crest of the barrels harmonic wave. That’s as good as it gets.
Length of the barrel became much less an issue back when rifling was invented.
Short or thicker ( bull) barrels have a smaller wave than a thin long one. But if the
velocity and spin rate are correct and the projectile exits the barrel at the valley or
peak of the wave a thin whippy barrel will out shoot any and all that don’t.
Of  course billions and billions of other factors play a part as well. But if you can
 get velocity spin and harmonics to play together nicely you will have accuracy
or precision regardless of barrel length.   
Harmonics play a smaller part in pcp guns that’s one reason why they are so easy to
shoot. Its also the reason springer’s are harder to be as accurate with.  Long is easier
to aim than short but not necessarily any more precise.