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Hi Ed,

Three different ingredients – purple ice, (standard) anti-freeze, and tap water in the correct ratio.   I’m going with one ounce to one ounce to 14 ounces.  There has been no drop in coolant level on my Omega,  just want to have the solution on hand if needed.

I have the Omega Super Air Compressor (Omega Pneumatic EX-fill 4500 Air Compressor for PCP and Paint Ball tank filling. Uses 110 circuit, complete self contained. Approximately 75lbs. 20″ tall, 19″ deep, 9″ wide)   and purchased it from Precision Airguns and Supplies.  I haven’t had any problems with it since buying it in June of last year.  I purchased a Guppy from Joe B around the same time, and now have one of his Tiger tanks and his Alpha Air Filter.