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Smaug great tip with the acetone , melted it off like butter . Which is a GOOD thing cause it was a mess Inside the cylinder. I polished up inside with 0000 steel wool so it wouldn’t have any high places , parts will be in probably tomorrow and then I’ll get to put her together and see how it’s shooting . I’m not gonna mount a scope ( gonna save that for its new owner ) just check function and speed .
I can’t think of a single reason to accuracy test it since it’s new . Talked last night with a guy who has rebuilt a TON of these and he said the bolt that the head twisted off is just for alignment and leave it like it is . So this baby’s almost ready for prime time . Looks like Robert ( GoodtoGo) getting a brand new antique. Marksman ( David ) gonna pick one up later .
I know Robert will shoot It and enjoy it . If a guy told me he was just getting it to display it I think I’d pass on selling it . Old boys been sitting on the bench his whole life , time to put him in the game .