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I have a Beeman R2 dual barrel, it came with a Beeman fixed 4x scope.  After about 300 shots the scope was shot out.  At 10 yards the zero shifted every shot resulting in a 10 round group being 6 inches wide.  Looking through the objective lens I could see a lens shifted or …… unsleeved from it’s position.  

I’m not sure if you know it but SWFA passed the Navy trials and was issued an “N Code”.  The fixed 10x is used by some Navy special forces sniper teams because of its extreme durability.  They are absolutely built like a tank.  Being issued an N Code also means they need permission from the Navy before they can change ANYTHING on the entire line. I did several dozen hours of research before settling on a SWFA 3x-15x by 42mm MOA Scope.

I actually asked Pyramiad Air months ago what scopes are capable of handling the double recoil of a spring pellet gun.   They replied with a brand of scope around $100, UTG.  They specified to search for the “True Strength” platform.